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Let us coach your Qatari-Russian dating !

We are in touch with several thousand Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian beautiful young women. However, a mere dating is not enough to establish a real relationship. Indeed, the psychology and culture of these women are very different from other cultures. Men from other countries may therefore find sometimes very difficult to understand their deep wishes and to anticipate their reactions. They may miss a real love story without being able to build an affair which was quite feasible.


We are endeavoring to focus our customers exclusively on beautiful Slavonic women attached to family values and from a high sociocultural background. Our fifteen-year experience will be a further guarantee of your success.


Our very human approach offers you a personalized research (the women shall be introduced to you only) as a most efficient way towards implementing your project and allowing you to blossom with the woman of your choice.

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Russian woman Russian woman