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A new type of dating approach is born

Select Rencontre is at the forefront of the Russian-Qatari dating agencies market as far as quality is concerned. Select Rencontre has already proven its unique methods in Qatar. It has become paramount and has raced ahead all competition. Its efficiency will offer you results well above the current standards and your initial expectations.
Select Rencontre has taken a pragmatic view. It has long realized that young and honest women do not want to expose their photos on Internet and agencies.
It is high time to switch to another dating approach: natural, direct and realist, breaking away from false flashy and often disappointing photo files. We have therefore created a genuine dating service adapted to your expectations and to our time.
Select Rencontre offers you a total immersion experience with the aim to make you encounter the kind of women you have giving up dating. Select Rencontre, state of the art Qatari-Russian dating agency, combines beauty with family values.
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Russian woman Russian woman