Russian woman

Who are you going to meet ?

Age group :
Women are between 18 and 35 year old.
Multiple professional backgrounds :
Models, actresses, artists, students, doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, sales and marketing professionals, and (off course !) future housewives.
Countries :
Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.
Photos ?
A huge catalogue of seductive pictures (sometimes displayed on several sites) cannot guarantee seriousness and success and is not the prerequisite for a genuine sentimental union. On the contrary, we shall guarantee you a transparent, discreet and natural approach through many quick and direct contacts which you will be the only one to receive. We are not proposing you a catalogue of false photos. We are offering you full-scale beauties.
No go-between
We are giving priority to direct contact. No local agencies or contractors. The same one person will assist you for each meeting. If you wish, we can introduce you as a friend and not as a dating service customer. Hence, the meetings will be all the more relaxed and friendly. You will appear as the actor of your emotional life.
Phone us : +380 93 705 88 11
Russian woman Russian woman